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The Massive Rampant We Love Our Fans Sale ENDS TONIGHT at Midnight PST!

The Rampant Design We Love Our Customers 50% Off Sale Ends Tonight at Midnight PST

  Don’t Miss Out on this INCREDIBLE Sale! Everything is 50% Off until MIDNIGHT (PST) Tonight! USE CODE: LOVE50 [button_icon link=”” background_color=”#DF5148″ border_color=”#C53D35″ text_color=”#fff” icon=”fa-link” ]SHOP NOW[/button_icon]         It’s that time. The Rampant Design We Love Our Fans Sale has come to an end. Yep. We truly love each and every one of you[…]

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Ask Rampant: How to Create Jump, Bump and Slice Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

Ask Rampant Jump Bump and Slice Effects Tutorial

VFX Artist and Rampant Design CEO Sean Mullen shows us how to create jump, bump and slice effects in Adobe Premiere. Sign Up for Our Newsletter and Grab Your Free 4K Effects Today: [toggle title=”Video Transcription”]How to Create Jump, Bump and Slice Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro Video Transcription All you have to do is:[…]

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Rampant Design Studio Embers

Rampant Studio Embers\ Remember taking the fireplace poker and attacking the burning logs like a fencer with a drug problem? Remember those embers that flew up the chimney from that wood? Remember the one that landed on your foot? We do too. Fire isn’t all that hot without it’s buddies. Smoke, dust and embers. Maybe[…]

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Rampant GrungeLight

Rampant GrungeLight – Grunge Effects for Editors What made the ‘90s come alive? Grunge. Grunge music, grungy plaid shirts, and a gritty attitude in general. These days the attitude is back, but the look and feel of grittier days needs revisiting. Well, get ready to get grungy.

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Studio Paint

Rampant Studio Paint Organic rules. There’s no two ways about it. Take a movie stunt, for instance. A human jumps from one building to another, or drives a car off a dock into the ocean. Pretty exciting, right? Right. Take the same stunts, but replace the stunt person or vehicle with a CGI version. Less[…]