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Rampant Design Studio Embers

Rampant Studio Embers\

Remember taking the fireplace poker and attacking the burning logs like a fencer with a drug problem? Remember those embers that flew up the chimney from that wood? Remember the one that landed on your foot?

We do too.

Fire isn’t all that hot without it’s buddies. Smoke, dust and embers. Maybe embers most of all.

ember effectsAnd with fire so readily available, why are people still buying plug-ins to create embers? We took the hard work out of the equation. Why drop crummy synthetic plug-in elements over your clip when there are beautiful, unique ember elements available? Viewers today can tell the difference between a generated plug-in and a true optical element. Authenticity is the key to connecting with a viewer. Embers could be the key to that connection.

It’s time to make a connection between your viewers and your content.

Introducing Rampant Studio Embers. The world’s largest collection of real organic ember effects, designed to add heat, atmosphere and depth to today’s videos, title sequences, and motion graphic projects.

Luckily, we are exactly those lighting effect specialists.

Created in 5K and delivered in 2K, 4K or 5K, Rampant Studio Embers combines with Dust and Sparks to create a volume of 367 effect overlays. This volume – available for immediate download or shipped on a high speed USB 3.0 hard drive – is made up of modern, stylish and unique ember elements, giving video an hot, smoldering, finished look and feel.

Unlike other products on the market, Rampant Design Style Effects have no learning curve.

Each Rampant Ember Style Effect is delivered in a Quicktime file, ready to be dragged into an editing timeline. The only thing an editor or designer needs to do is change the blending mode of the clip to Multiply, Screen or Overlay, and the effect appears beautifully composited over the footage being worked on.

ember effectsThe beauty of the Quicktime format is universal compatibility. No software requirements. Rampant Design Style Effects work in any editing or compositing software. After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Motion, Nuke, Smoke, Windows Movie Maker. It doesn’t matter the application. Heck, they play just fine in Quicktime Player, too. They’re expertly crafted effects, designed to complement your work.

Being as simply delivered as they are, and created as such massive resolution, Rampant Design Style Effects are also high enough quality to be used in applications beyond the motion picture world. Photographers, graphic designers and print specialists the world over have been enjoying the flexibility and power of the Rampant suite of style effects.

Rampant Studio Embers is going to set today’s generation of hard hitting production work on fire.

Burn baby, burn. Make your work look better.

Make your work look better with Rampant Design Style Effects.

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Like what you read, but not quite ready to take the plunge? Head on over to to download hundreds of studio-grade style effects, created by the same Emmy Award-winning team behind each and every Rampant Design product.

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