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Rampant GrungeLight

Rampant GrungeLight – Grunge Effects for Editors What made the ‘90s come alive? Grunge. Grunge music, grungy plaid shirts, and a gritty attitude in general. These days the attitude is back, but the look and feel of grittier days needs revisiting. Well, get ready to get grungy.

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Studio Paint

Rampant Studio Paint Organic rules. There’s no two ways about it. Take a movie stunt, for instance. A human jumps from one building to another, or drives a car off a dock into the ocean. Pretty exciting, right? Right. Take the same stunts, but replace the stunt person or vehicle with a CGI version. Less[…]

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Studio Film Effects

Rampant Studio Film Effects For years, purists have said the same things: “Vinyl sounds better.”, “Analog is better than digital”, and, of course, “Film looks better.”

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Six Tools That Every Video Editor Should Have In Their Arsenal

Easy To Use, Hassle Free Pre-Rendered Effects for Editors. Just Drag, Drop and Go. Video Editors: We’ve compiled a list of six inexpensive and easy to use quicktime based pre-rendered effects libraries that will save you time and make you money. These tools were created to help you instantly stylize your work and ultimately make[…]

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Health for Production Pros

This past year my company had it’s highs and lows like most companies did. We celebrated victories, and suffered losses. Clients dropped out, had unrealistic demands, stretched the boundaries of our contracts, and took advantage of our size. They also bought more videos than ever. Highs, lows, highs, lows, excitement, despair, thrill, defeat, ups, downs,[…]

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Rampant Extreme Drive

So one of the products I’ve been most excited about in the last few months is the Extreme Drive from Rampant Design Tools. They have a few drives, all with various products at various price points – reasonable price points at that – but the Extreme drive piqued my curiosity for a few reasons. Everybody[…]

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Guarding Your Gear

[social_share/] Protecting, indexing and ultimately safeguarding your equipment Insurance is great. Something gets stolen, and they cut you a check. Assuming the check covers replacing your gear, it’s all good, right? Sometimes, for sure. Maybe your old Nikon D300 was stolen and you can put the money towards a sexy new D800. Sometimes it’s not[…]

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Marketing Yourself Organically

[social_share/] A wise and wealthy man once told me “Russ, always have substance.” As it happened, he said this after watching a wild-looking middle-aged man park his Lamborghini, then barge out of the car with an ankle length leather trench coat, spiked hair, Bono-sized sunglasses, hands full of rings and generally every other accessory he[…]

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Rampant Design Announces New Free Training Series: Practical Effects for Editors

Practical Effects for Editors

[social_share/] Rampant Design Tools announced the release of a new free training series called Practical Effects for Editors. This series, hosted by visual effects veteran Sean Mullen, offers quick tips and tutorials on how editors can easily add modern effects to their work without having to hire a third party to complete the job. “This[…]

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Rampant Unveils New Totally Free Adobe and Apple Training Site: RDT Training

RDT Training

[social_share/] Rampant Design Tools announces a new extension to their site called RDT Training. This new site offers completely free training for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer & Symphony. Some of the trainers you’ll find on the RDT Training site include industry professionals Kevin P. McAuliffe,[…]

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The Rampant Design July Super Sale Has Been Extended For Three More Days. Hurry, Sale Ends Wednesday 7/24!

[social_share/] Woah. Our office line and email box have been flooded by people who missed our July Sales event, so we brought it back for a few extra days. Don’t miss out on your chance to save up to 75% off Rampant Design Bundles and 60% Off individual products! The sale ends this Wednesday, 7/24[…]

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Adobe Creative Cloud: What the Change Means

The new Adobe Creative Cloud This past week, Adobe released its upgrade of Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) to Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). The change has caused a passionate discussion in the industry because Adobe is eliminating updates delivered through the traditional software model and only offer the Creative Cloud through its subscription service. This[…]