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Show Us Your Workstation and WIN 4K Studio Flares From Rampant Design

That’s Right Party People – Rampant is Giving Away It’s BRAND NEW 4K Studio Flares Volume FO FREE.
All You Have To Do Is Post Your Workstation. So Snap That Photo Y’all.

How to Enter:

  • Step 1: Sign up for The Rampant Newsletter. Winners will be announced there.
  • Step 2: Post a Pic of Your Workstation on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #RunRampant. (Make sure that your post is public!) And be creative, have fun with it!
  • Step 3: Share a link to your post in the comments below.
  • Step 4: Share this contest page with your friends!

Ok. Ok. Let’s Say That I Enter. What Can I win?

Six, yes SIX, lucky winners will win our brand new 4K Rampant Studio Flares volume. That’s over 500 REAL Lens Flares that work in all Editing Apps, Compositing Software and even Photoshop! That’s a $149 Value! YEAH BUDDY. Check out the Studio Flares in the video below.

This Contest ENDS June 27th, 2014. Don’t Miss Out!

  • All posts must be submitted by June 27th, 2014.
  • You must post a link to your photo in the comments section below in order to qualify.
  • Deadline is June 27th, 2014.
  • Winners will be announced in the Rampant Newsletter.
  • I Already Bought Studio Flares, Because I’m Awesome.

    You ARE Awesome! No problem. We’ll hook you up with a 4K Volume of your choice, so ENTER Already!

    What Are You Waiting For?

    Less Yappin and More Snappin! Post your pics and win!

    71 thoughts on “Show Us Your Workstation and WIN 4K Studio Flares From Rampant Design

      1. So cool! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My workstation at OOA Productions, where we focus on “Media That Matters”:

      1. Very clever! Haha!

      1. Awesome pic!!

        1. this one is the best!

    2. This is great!
      Here is my Workstation

      1. Bastian, Thanks for posting! It says the photo isn’t found. Is this a private link? Can you repost. Thanks!

        1. should work now? images where set to private, sorry about that

          1. Great workspace!

    3. I think I might be Wacom-ing a little bit too much while Running Rampant:

      1. So awesome Brady! Thanks for posting! Great setup and nice content on the screens. 🙂

      1. Awesome pic Mike!

        1. here is a short video about my workstation..

    4. I’m all about a dark room, with a bunch of displays, and Rampant products make those displays look even better.

      1. Fantastic workstation!

    5. Pick a workstation, any workstation. Don’t tell me which one, it’ll ruin the trick……

      1. Awesome machine room Walter!

      1. Dave is your post public? It’s not letting us see it.

    6. Showing off one my workstation and Crew for @rampantdesign

      1. Great workstation and crew Gilberto!

      1. Thanks for posting this Scott!

      1. Ryan your photo is set to private. Can you make it public? Thanks!

        1. Set it to public, can you confirm that it works now please? Thanks.

          1. Looks great Ryan!

      1. Great setup TL!


      Imac 27″ using final cut pro x

      1. AMAZING workstation Juile!

    8. My workstation is good for editing, but also doubles as the teleprompter during filming as well! Completely mobile desk is from Versatables!

    9. DesignWise bicubic workstation does sometimes #RunRampant

    10. im tryin to be awsoem but id be more awesome if I could use some rampant design tools 4 k flares?…. Heres my workstation in video!

    11. Hello, here is my workstation and where I spend a lot of long nights! . . .

    12. My Workstation: #RunRampant workstation until I can expand, running out of room.

      My Workstation Haiku:
      Trying not to crash
      With layers upon layers
      Please don’t fail me now

      1. Rob make sure that your post is public so we can check it out!

    14. This work station is powered by #RunRampant, Avid, and creative ideas everywhere!!!

    15. Why run when you can #RunRampant?

    16. Hi

      please google my company name , Williamson Digital Mediaworks and my workstation is there.

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