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Not quite ready for 5K? Don’t worry about it. Buy the product you want today and have the freedom to upgrade for a discounted price later.
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  • SAVE UP TO $499
  • If You Purchased a Rampant Extreme Drive
  • Take 50% Off Any Studio Essentials Drive
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  • SAVE UP TO $1995
  • If You Purchased a Studio Essentials Drive
  • Apply the Purchase Price of Your Current Drive
  • To Upgrade to any Higher Resolution Drive
  • SAVE UP TO $349
  • If You Purchased a Single Product
  • Apply Purchase Price of Your Product
  • To Upgrade to a Higher Resolution ProductDiscount can be used on a single product purchase or Studio Essentials Drive

Rampant Design Easy Upgrade Policy: Whatever you spent on a previous Rampant purchase can be applied to your new one. (Coupons not allowed on upgrade)

Contact Rampant by submitting a ticket here so we can verify your purchase and get you the appropriate discount.

If there are any questions regarding an upgrade, feel free to contact Rampant as well!