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Running Rampant Episode 1

Welcome to Running Rampant, Episode 1. A weekly vlog series where you get to see behind the scenes of Rampant Design, check out what it’s like to run a small business and ask Sean and Stef anything you’d like.

Running Rampant vlog Episode 1 from Rampant Design Tools on Vimeo.

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Sean Mullen: Hey, hey everybody. I’m Sean.
Stefanie Mullen: I’m Stef.
Sean Mullen: We, right here, are Rampant Design. I’d like to welcome you to the very 1st episode of Running Rampant. It’s a weekly, or pseudo-weekly vlog. I’ll show you behind the scenes of Rampant Design, talking a little bit of what it’s like to run a small business, and take questions from our fans, customers, friends, random people we don’t know, and just anybody else out there. This is basically it. It’s just always us to talk to you guys.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s us.
Sean Mullen: Yeah, it’s really a super informal episode, super informal show really. Just us talking to you guys about what’s going on. What is going on right now?
Stefanie Mullen: Let’s see, we have a lot actually. We always have a lot going on. This week we should be releasing our new project with Iographer, that you can find only on It is a filmmaker toolbox, which is full of rampant goodies for you to put on everything. Everything from our style effects, like our overlays, transitions, animated mats, all that stuff. There are lower thirds in there, there are backgrounds, gosh, there’s a lot of stuff in there. It’s just a really jam-packed full toolbox full of awesome goodies that you can stick on your videos today.
Sean Mullen: It’s a handheld toolbox. I don’t have one in my hand, this is empty. Not going to composite or track one in later. Ever single drive has already been sold. We are currently sold out.
Stefanie Mullen: Sold out.
Sean Mullen: We’ve yet to ship the drives. I don’t have a drive I can show you, but we’ll get one and I’ll cut to some footage or something, like here somewhere. It’s an HD USB 3.0 drive, it holds a bunch of HD elements as well, over 1,000 drag and drop effects. It’s being sold exclusively through Iographer. It’s for people who buy from Iographer. It’s really a very cool product. Check it out here, we’ll show photos, video, whatever.
That’s been taking up the majority of our time. We’ve just done tons of rendering, tons of creation, tons of shooting. Just finished shooting the promo and all the box shots. Once I’m done building the physical drives, Stefanie takes over, and what do you do with the drives?
Stefanie Mullen: I have to build them, so that means I have to put a logo on top. The Rampant R that you see on all of our hard drives all hand painted. I paint them, paint it on, then I box it up and ship it out. These are actually really cool because they come inside their own little case, which we’ll show you video of.
Sean Mullen: Again, we don’t have any of because they’re all sold.
Stefanie Mullen: We’ll show you a video of those though. We’ll get some new ones in, and start making some more, so we’ll get you some video.
Sean Mullen: We’ll do that.
Stefanie Mullen: It comes inside it’s own little case. It really is portable, it’s nice, so I have to also put an R on that, which is also hand painted, so I do the R on the drive, then do the R on the case, then put it all together, and put it in a box, and ship it off. There’s been a ton of work going into that.
Sean Mullen: It’s true.
Stefanie Mullen: Yeah.
Sean Mullen: I didn’t mean to stop you or anything.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s good, keep going.
Sean Mullen: In addition to showing behind the scenes of what’s going on, sometimes it’s as boring as bookkeeping or social networking. Sometimes it’s fun like shooting in the studio. Other times we’ll probably have a camera here, live, shooting this nonsense that’s not live, but we’ll have a live version, whatever. In addition to all of that, we’re going to take questions, like I said, from our fans and our customers about anything about small business, about Running Rampant. The very 1st question that we want to address is something we hear all the time, either in email or on the phone, when we’re at trade shows, people make the assumption that we’re a very big company. It’s kind of strange.
Stefanie Mullen: But awesome.
Sean Mullen: No, hey I love it.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s great.
Sean Mullen: I love that you think we’re a big company, but the reality is that Rampant Design Tools, or Rampant Design, rampant, design, rampant, design, however you want to split it.
Stefanie Mullen: We’re the whole thing.
Sean Mullen: This is it.
Stefanie Mullen: Yes, this is all there is.
Sean Mullen: There are no other employees, there’s nothing else going on. When you come to see us at a trade show, we have good friends, Eric Hartmann and Kelly Hartmann, they usually help us out, they’re from SeaLight Entertainment. They are not employees of Rampant, but they do come down to NAB and help us out when we have a trade show. Of course you saw a bunch of famous people, like Kevin P. McCullough, Deb Eschweiler, Monica Daniel. They were all talking at our booth, all guests, not employees.
Yeah, this is Rampant Design. Everything you see at was created by either Stefanie or myself. All the promos, all the commercials, all the box shots, the website, everything. Yeah, it’s really flattering to get all the compliments that we seem like a big company, or that we even know what we’re doing, I love to hear that. You guys look like you know what you’re doing. Thanks.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s a compliment.
Sean Mullen: Completely by accident, really.
Stefanie Mullen: Trial and error.
Sean Mullen: Basically how it works at Rampant is I create all the promos, and the majority of the products are created by me. There’s only 2 products in that I haven’t personally created. Those would be the texture toolkit and the monster toolkit, and they were created by yours truly over there. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll let you say what you do. What I do is the promos, the products, a lot of the social networking, the ads, things of that nature. If you order a hard drive, I physically build the drive. I’m the one who loads all the media, formats the drives, loads them up, and then sets them up for Stefanie to paint. Pretty much 99% of all the stuff that happens here at Rampant, I literally …
Stefanie Mullen: That’s not necessarily true. He does all the creative stuff, product development, creation, I’m a good grip, but I don’t know what I’m doing. I just …
Sean Mullen: She helps out on set.
Stefanie Mullen: He just tells me what to do, and I just do it.
Sean Mullen: When I’m shooting, she helps out for sure.
Stefanie Mullen: It works out.
Sean Mullen: I wouldn’t say what she does isn’t creative though. Hell, you do the website.
Stefanie Mullen: I do do all the website stuff, so I do all of our code, all of our shopping cart stuff, that’s all me, so if there’s ever an issue, you can always tell me. I’m not a perfect person at websites by any means. I just do my best and make it look good, as best I can. I do website. I also do all the customer service. Whenever you call or email, you’re talking to me, not anybody else. You can say that you talked to the other girl, but that other girl was me.
Sean Mullen: She’s always the other girl. I talked to somebody else …
Stefanie Mullen: It’s just me.
Sean Mullen: … she’s the somebody else.
Stefanie Mullen: Let’s see, so all customer service stuff, from phone calls, emails, anything that you have a question with, I’m answering you. You can always see, I always answer by Stefanie, so that’s just me. Let’s see, I do all the financing stuff, accounting, bookkeeping, finances are not fun, but they’re necessity for business so, I try to take care of all that. I try to keep everything organized.
I used to be a teacher, way back in the day, and I think it’s helped me out a lot with trying to get everything organized, and talking to customers. You learn a lot talking to students and parents, so it has prepared me well for talking to customers. I’m not sure which one’s harder, it might be equally as hard. That’s been a good preparation for me for customer service. I do tutorials for Final Cut. I’m Final Cut Stef. I love Final Cut. I know everyone’s, “Oh, Premier, I love Premier,” but I like Final Cut. I can cut a lot faster on Final Cut.
Sean Mullen: We split that, you handle the Apple products.
Stefanie Mullen: He’s Adobe.
Sean Mullen: I handle the Adobe products.
Stefanie Mullen: I’m apple. I love it. It just works for me. I know both, I do know Adobe too. I do both platforms by that. I do the tutorials for Final Cut, and what else? That pretty much is is.
Sean Mullen: Yeah. We both do tutorials. Every single day there’s something new. We’re either doing tutorials, flushing out what a new product looks like, finishing products, coming up with product designs, experimentation. There’s a lot of product work, whether we’re in the studio, or working in the box. Lots of tutorials, lots of social networking, lots of customer service, lots of strategy planning. We’re always looking at 2 or 3 quarters ahead of now, what do we have planned? What do we want to do? Where do we want to go?
She’s very humble. When we go to NAB, or we have a booth at NAB, it’s all her. It’s not easy to have a NAB booth. It’s not like you just cut a check and everything magically happens. There’s 1,000,000 different vendors, there’s all these different rules, all this different paperwork you gotta fill out. Everything’s gotta be orchestrated and it’s really controlled chaos, that’s all her. She’s got what we call the Rampant Bible, it’s about that thick, everywhere we go, she’s got everything all worked out. All this stuff only happens, Rampant’s basically standing, because of Stefanie.
I should say that we’re expanding our sites and our stores. 2016 is going to have, what, probably another half dozen new stores, and the very 1st new store is Rampant Backgrounds,, and that we are working with contributors. That, we have other artist from outside of the company working with us. Really good friends, Brent [Willard 00:09:06] and Chris Gates, dear friends of ours. That’s another thing Stefanie does, she handles paying them. They don’t work for free, and they shouldn’t.
She does so much, all the websites, so every time I come up with a crazy idea, like, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if the website does blah,” she’s like, “Mm-hmm (affirmative), I’ll write it down.”
Stefanie Mullen: It’s on the list.
Sean Mullen: It’s on the list. That’s basically who Rampant is, what we do every day. I’m constantly experimenting, working with new designs, coming up with new ideas, working with BETA testers, talking with people. We’ve got some really crazy collaborations coming up this year. The thing with Iographer. Dave, who runs Iographer, one of the nicest people on the planet, if you’ve never met Dave, you need to. Iographer are great people and we’re super excited to be a part of that. That’s our 1st collaboration of many collaborations this year. You’re going to see us partnering with a lot of different kinds of people, including some people that I’m truly honored to be working with. Some people I really admire in this industry, and in other industries. It’s just a trip. We can’t talk anymore about those particular collaborations because they’re in their infancy, and we’re working things out, but it’s going to be crazy.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s a big year. We have a lot going on.
Sean Mullen: It’s a big year. A very different year for us. We’ve been doing this, what, 6 years now?
Stefanie Mullen: Yeah, this is our 6th year.
Sean Mullen: It’s crazy. It’s 7 days a week, literally. 24 hours a day, almost. If I’m not up, we’re at least rendering. We’ve got 5 or 6 iMacs, a couple Mac pros, a half a dozen laptops, and probably more iPads than you can possibly imagine. They’re all doing something. Everything here is being used. We’ve got, over here, a live tutorial station, that Stefanie does her tutorials. It’s also a blab station, we do lots of live events, live discussions with people. There’s just a lot going on.
Stefanie Mullen: We have a lot this year.
Sean Mullen: We have a lot.
Stefanie Mullen: A lot going on.
Sean Mullen: I like to say this, “We don’t work at home, we live at work.” Our work life balance is all but 0. The good thing is …
Stefanie Mullen: We try.
Sean Mullen: We try. We live in Orlando, so when we do have time, we’ll skip out to the parks real quick. They’re cheaper than cable. It’s what, $20 a month or something to go to Universal, or to Disney, so it’s stupid cheap. When we can, we sneak out, or when she says, “You’ve had enough,” she knows I’ve hit total burnout, she just grabs me and we go. This business would not run without Stefanie. She’s the glue that keeps this thing together.
Plus, yes, we are married, for those of you who ask us at every trade show. Stefanie is my wife, I am her husband. We’ve been married forever. We’ve been together for almost 10 years now. I just could not be happier. I really truly enjoy working with my wife. I’m not sure if she enjoys working with me as much as I enjoy working with her.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s the same.
Sean Mullen: We each handle a very discreet portion of the company, but it’s split up. Yeah, so that’s it. The only outside people that we deal with would be our tax people.
Stefanie Mullen: Don’t ever do your taxes by yourself.
Sean Mullen: No, don’t do your own taxes. Don’t represent yourself in court.
Stefanie Mullen: Pay somebody to do your own taxes.
Sean Mullen: Don’t perform your own surgery, don’t represent yourself in court, and don’t do your own taxes.
Stefanie Mullen: No, send those out.
Sean Mullen: Get a professional.
Stefanie Mullen: That is one of those costs that come back to you.
Sean Mullen: Hire a pro. Change your oil, that’s fine. You want to save some money, change your own oil, that’s fine. Don’t perform your own surgery, and sure as heck don’t do your own taxes. Then, of course, we have an amazing PR agent, Kevin Burke from Burke PR, he’s just awesome. He’s like the 3rd member of our family. What else is going on?
Stefanie Mullen: How about people always ask us, they were like, “Well, what got you here? What made you become Rampant? What is your background?” I just met the neighbor across the street. They just moved in, and they were like, “How did you do this? How did you start?” That’s a pretty common question, so, how did you start Rampant? Go.
Sean Mullen: Oh, okay, we’ll get to you then. I worked in Hollywood for many, many years, way back in the day. I went to film school at Full Sail. I graduated in the mid 90’s. I went out to Hollywood for a little over a decade, about 12 years or so, and I worked on a bunch of different shows, worked for a bunch of different directors. I was fortunate enough to work for Aaron Spelling, Glen Larson, Oliver Stone. I worked on a bunch of different movies, TV shows, worked on Any Given Sunday, Lake Placid, Dude Where’s My Car, Idle Hands, Charmed, Ally McBeal, Roswell, tons of the MTV Movie Awards, so many music videos, and this is when music videos were cool. I worked for Dre, I worked for Snoop, I worked for Eminem, I worked for Mariah Carey.
I worked at a lot of big facilities like Encore Visual Effects, where the shots just kept coming through and through. You’re sitting at your desk, and there’s just place after place just saying, “Hey we need this, or hey we need that.” Rig removal, wire removal, morphing, whatever the shot was, you had to do it. We had to become proficient in everything that we possibly could.
It was some of the best training I’ve ever had. I owe everything I know to the people who taught me. From there, I left LA to go work for the theme parks, which I love and adore. I am a theme park junkie. If I could have my own theme park, or design my own theme park, or work for theme parks in a design capacity, I absolutely would. I’ve done a lot for Disney marketing, so much for Disney marketing. I’ve done Universal, Sony, just a lot.
One of the most fulfilling gigs that I’ve ever had was being able to work for the military. I’ve worked for the Army, the National Guard, and the Marines, for 2 years. I worked for an in house ad agency for setting up an in house ad agency for the National Guard. We worked on all kinds of crazy projects with 1 of my favorite directors, Perry Jenkins. He’s a great guy. It was just an honor to work for the country. It was a completely unique environment and just lots of fun.
That, in a nutshell, is how I started, and Rampant came about with all my editor friends wanting me to work on their projects. I just can’t go in that many places all at once, so I started developing, a long time ago, I started creating elements. When I first started in Hollywood, you couldn’t generate fire, you couldn’t generate water, you couldn’t do any of that stuff. There were very few plug ins. The particle systems were in their infancy. You’re talking about an After Effects, before it was Adobe. Even in the early stages of After Effects itself, the plug ins were limited, and the render power was very limited, so you’re talking about shooting things practically.
The people who taught me how to create effects worked on the original Star Wars, way way back in the day. I’m honored and grateful for that experience. I’ve taken that experience, and that’s how I create everything, I start in the camera, and then I work outside of the camera when necessary. My friends were constantly asking for my effects work, or, “Hey, I need you to add style to this, or some client’s going to put some stank on this,” if you’ve heard any of my tutorials. That’s what I was known for. I just need to spice things up.
It got to the point where I was so busy that I started just sending people my elements, say, “Look, here’s all you do. Just take this, put it on the timeline, switch the blend mode, you’re good to go.” After awhile, a lot of my drives would just disappear, and people would love them. Well, actually it was Stefanie’s idea. She’s like, “If your editors are so crazy about these drives,” because I couldn’t get my drives back, “Why not make drives for everybody.” I was like, “What?”
Stefanie Mullen: Why not, right?
Sean Mullen: We started shooting. I shot back in the day, I’ve shot on film, I’ve shot on phantoms, I’ve shot on reds. You name the camera system and I’ve shot on it. Now we have our own camera systems. We have our own glass, we have our own lights, we just started shooting and developing a library, and a long time ago, we started with an HD library, and now we have a 2k, 4k, 5k library. That’s it.
Stefanie Mullen: Yeah. That’s [crosstalk 00:16:39].
Sean Mullen: That’s my side of the story. Her side of the story is equally as compelling, if not more interesting.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s not as interesting. While Sean was working, we were together, I was teaching. I started out being an art teacher, and I also taught Biology in high school. I love teaching, I love my kids, I love my students, they’re just amazing. As I’m teaching, Sean has a full time job, plus he’s doing this new company thing, that I wasn’t really sure what it was about, on the side. He was doing it at night. I was like, “What is going on? What are you doing? Why don’t I ever see you?”
I’m teaching, he’s doing that, and I started to see certain places where I could fit in, so I start taking over things, like customer service at 1st. Then I was seeing that, “Oh, I could possibly like to learn how to do web design,” so I got some books, did some training, found out how to do some web coding, and that kind of stuff, so I fit myself in that one. Then I just started learning about how he was doing things and what I could take off his plate.
With my background being teaching, it’s taught me so much with customer service, especially because after talking to students and parents, there’s nothing more customer service oriented than that, which is fun, and rewarding, and sometimes very frustrating, which is pretty much all of customer service in one little ball there. Teaching has really helped me become who I am today, and finding a place in the company, it just worked out. I came together with Sean and broke everything up. He took his side, and I took my side, and that’s how everything began. I’m also a painter. I love painting.
Sean Mullen: Amazing paintings, love them.
Stefanie Mullen: I love oil painting and water colors. They’re my 2 passions. I wish I got to do more of it, but this running a company is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I thought teaching was hard with coming home and grading papers and doing all this extra stuff for teaching, but no, this is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I love it. I didn’t know that I could work 50 hours, 60 hours a week and just love every minute of it. It’s an interesting thing to do. It’s fun. I love painting and art. I’m actually hoping to create and start, I actually have an idea, but I’m hoping to start a children’s book this year.
Sean Mullen: It’s phenomenal.
Stefanie Mullen: I have a whole character, and story, and series going. I’m hoping I can do that. I’m doing that actually on the iPad pro, with the Apple Pencil. I’ll have to get some footage of that.
Sean Mullen: For sure.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s so neat. It is the coolest drawing thing. I don’t know what you call it.
Sean Mullen: That’s probably the best way to market that. The coolest drawing thing. Apple, you can have that one. The next one’s going to cost you.
Stefanie Mullen: Yeah, I don’t know what to say about that, but it is really cool, and it’s my new favorite toy. Whenever I’m not working, I’m on that thing, trying to better my skills, because it’s a whole different way of thinking, and drawing, and painting. It’s not like doing it by hand. That’s a new, fun task for me. That’s how we are. We’re always trying new things, and learning the next thing, and finding out that, “Oh, this would be a good product for people.” It’s one of those, always learning, always learning new things.
Sean Mullen: Lots of experimentation, lots of trial and error. There’s probably, a dozen or so products that are always on the shelf, that may or may not ever see the light of day. Lots of experimentation, lots of different technology, lots of different, just weird things that … Our studio looks like a fun house. Just mirrors, and glass, and things that reflect.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s odd.
Sean Mullen: It’s just out of control. When we were cleaning it, and people walk by, they’re like, “What the?” There’s really no way to explain it. Yeah, this is basically the format for this show. It’s just a behind the scenes, talking about anything and everything. We have other shows, other things that we’re doing. One of the things I’m most passionate about is ask Rampant. You can go to These are tutorials that we’ve created. I work in the Adobe platform, so I solely create tutorials for Adobe, because that’s all I use right now, at this point. Hopefully I’m going to get Final Cut Stef here to redo the tutorials I’ve already done, and do other tutorials and other techniques for Final Cut and for Motion. I’m hoping to maybe get Kevin McCullough, who’s a good friend of ours, and an amazing, just a ridiculously talented human being, hopefully we can get him to do stuff for avid and whatnot.
This is not Rampant training. We have plenty of Rampant tutorials, and how to use Rampant, and how to make things cool using Rampant, these are innovation, and editing, and compositing techniques that I use everyday for my clients, for our promos, for everything, that people ask us about. Like, “Hey.” I think the guy’s name is [DuShawn 00:21:42], he wrote us so many times, I feel bad, because from the outside, it looked like I wasn’t responding, and we absolutely were. We’re just so busy that I finally sat down with Stef and said, “Okay, this guy [DuShawn’s 00:21:52] got an amazing idea. I want to show people how I do what I do.”
The reason why I’m so passionate about it is because there’s a handful of editors and artists out in LA who taught me everything I know. I would not be the artist I am today, without those people. They taught me freely. They sat me down, they showed me all their techniques, they allowed me to just take notes, and just watch them and just absorb their knowledge, and just put their tricks into my bag of tricks, so it’s only right that I pay that forward. Our stuff is absolutely free. You go to, right now I think we’ve got 4 or 5 tutorials, and we’re going to always add more as the time allows.
I personally am super full of anxiety. I hate being on camera. Even worse, I hate recording tutorials, because I stutter a lot. I just deal with that, that’s my own personal thing. There’ll be more, as I get more and more comfortable, I’ll rip them out as much as I can, and hopefully get Final Cut Stef here to …
Stefanie Mullen: That’s the goal.
Sean Mullen: … to do more as well. It’s just balancing everything that we’ve got going on, with all the collaborations, and projects and, what was it, what’s it called, Black Friday, was so insane, we had every room in the house making drives. Every single thing. I think our power bill was 5 times the normal that it was. I’m surprised they didn’t think we started a meth lab or something.
Stefanie Mullen: I had to pull out folding tables.
Sean Mullen: It was unbelievable.
Stefanie Mullen: You couldn’t even walk around our house, it was just all folding table, folding table, folding table, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac mini, Mac mini, it was crazy.
Sean Mullen: Yeah, we had a little more than a dozen Mac minis, we had laptops, we had Macs themselves. Drobos everywhere, it was just insane. Depending upon our schedule, if we’re not doing that, we’re going on trade shows, and those are the most exhausting and rewarding things. One thing we wanted to say, is we really want you to comment. Please talk to us, tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t like, whatever. Just share a comment, ask a question. We live in a bubble. Like I’ve said before, I don’t feel like we work at home, we live at work.
We operate in a bubble where we don’t interact much, and so when people call us, or take the time to craft an email and thank us for what we do, that’s really cool. If it’s critique, that’s cool too. It’s just great to hear from people, because we never know what’s going on. When we get a phone call or an email saying, “Hey, I used your thing on our project, and the client loves it, and I can’t believe I haven’t found you before,” that makes our day. Happens at trade shows a lot too, where people pull us aside and say, “Oh, I’ve got everything you have.” Like, “Cool, that’s pretty awesome.”
Hit us up with any questions you have about running a business, or editing, or Rampant, or whatever, and we’ll try to address it here.
Stefanie Mullen: That’s pretty much it.
Sean Mullen: That’s pretty much it.
Stefanie Mullen: We just want to know what you guys, we’ve been doing this for 6 years, and it’s all been trial and error for us.
Sean Mullen: Oh yeah.
Stefanie Mullen: We would like to get back to you, if you’d like to know anything. We have learned a lot, we’ve stumbled a lot.
Sean Mullen: Oh yeah.
Stefanie Mullen: We have crashed a few times. There’s been some ups, some downs. We’re hoping to address all of that for you, and share our experience with owning a business, and running a business everyday, in our home, with just the 2 of us. Even being married is a whole other conversation that we’ll have.
Sean Mullen: Oh, for sure.
Stefanie Mullen: There’s a lot that goes into everything that we do, and we’re hopefully going to share that to you. Thanks again for watching. We couldn’t do it without you guys watching us.
Sean Mullen: Yeah, a couple things. We’ve had tons of pit falls, we’ve had tons of successes. Being in our 6th year, we’re super happy that we’re able to do this. We can’t do any of this without you all. Thank you, each and every single one of you. We love you. Don’t necessarily know each one of your names, but just love everything that we hear and see on Instagram, on [inaudible 00:25:25], on YouTube, on Twitter, Facebook. Thank you for all your kind words. Thank you for supporting us, if it wasn’t for you guys, we couldn’t do this. As a small token of gratitude, we’ve put up If you’ve never been there, go check that out. You’ve got, what, 200?
Stefanie Mullen: I think there’s 40, a little over 40 volumes …
Sean Mullen: 40 volumes, yeah …
Stefanie Mullen: … that we have.
Sean Mullen: … of free effects from our 4k library. They’re not watermarked, this is not a scam. This is not a scandal. We get a lot of weird comments like, “Oh, you’re just trying to,” no, I’m not trying to do anything. Unfortunately it’s hosted on MediaFire. For those of you who complain about that, I’m sorry. Giving away free 4k files is a very expensive endeavor, and it’s just the 2 of us, and we’ve got a boatload of cats. We’ve got to feed them.
We thank you so much, so go to, check all that stuff out, and thank you, every single one of you, for supporting us. Yeah, that’s it. We’ll have more episodes just like this. Take your questions, your comments, go to, that’s dot B-I-Z.
Stefanie Mullen: Biz.
Sean Mullen: Biz.
Stefanie Mullen: Biz. It’s all about the biz.
Sean Mullen: I thought we discussed that.
Stefanie Mullen: It’s all about the biz.
Sean Mullen: Go to and …
Stefanie Mullen: Dot biz.
Sean Mullen: … you’ll see more. Dot biz, not dot com, dot biz.
Stefanie Mullen: Biz. Remember, it’s all about the biz.
Sean Mullen: Good gracious. That’s representative of our relationship right there. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the show. Probably won’t be as long, or drawn out, in the next ones. We hope you find this interesting. If you have any comments or questions.
Stefanie Mullen: Ask us stuff, down here.
Sean Mullen: Just ask, wherever this is, yeah wherever it is.
Stefanie Mullen: Wherever it is. Ask us some questions. We get them all the time, so we will answer as many as we can.
Sean Mullen: Yeah, instead of just answering individually, why not answer it on the show. Try to keep it PG, all right, or don’t. That’d be for a fun show, or not. Maybe a Friday night show, over some whiskey or something, ask the tougher questions, no? We’ll work it out, That’s it, I’m Sean.
Stefanie Mullen: I’m Stef.
Sean Mullen: She’s very loud. She’s naturally that loud too, especially in the morning. It’s fun to deal with, if it’s coffee. That’s it. This is Running Rampant.
Stefanie Mullen: Running Rampant.
Sean Mullen: We will see you in episode [Spanish 00:27:35].
Stefanie Mullen: 2. Bye.
Sean Mullen: Till next time, run rampant y’all

3 thoughts on “Running Rampant Episode 1

  1. Great vlog gang! Keep them coming!

    1. Thanks Dave! Much appreciated!

  2. Really interesting vlog and always good to put faces to names. My only comment would be that you are both sitting very low in the frame and it looks a bit weird. Maybe lower the camera so you are not looking up or simply angle it down a bit. It’s better to almost cut off the top of your heads than nearly lose your chins. It may mean you may lose the trophies in the background!! 🙂 And I love the tutorials – so a huge thank you for all those great PP and AE tips.

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