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Seventeen Tools EVERY Editor Should Have in their Arsenal

Editors and artists are constantly asked to stylize their projects and do it quickly. The following tools were created by editors for editors – with speed, ease of use and artistry in mind. These tools are compatible with all Non Linear Editing Tools including Avid, Media 100, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Vegas, Final Cut Pro X, etc.


1. Style Mattes

Need a quick and easy way to spice up your video? Shots looking a little too static? Try adding style mattes. With 90 drag and drop animated mattes to choose from, it’s quick and easy to add style to your video in an instant.



2. GlitchFX

Seen on virtually every network from music videos to documentaries and episodic television, these distortion elements are easy to use and instantly add a dynamic feel to your video. Just drop the clips on your timeline and go.


3. DustFX

The key to a great looking video is the use of secondary support elements. This effect is seen in nearly EVERY promo on all of the major television networks. Rampant DustFX immediately adds depth and volume to a shot. One of your shots a little to static? Perhaps your title sequence, commercial or presentation feels like there is something missing? Drop in some Rampant DustFX and BOOM, problem solved. Rampant DustFX enhances your video and makes your project stand out.

4. FlashFX

What’s a great video without great transitions? FlashFX is a collection of 150 drag and drop flash transitions that are simple to use and instantly add some flare to your project.

5. Film Clutter

Used on many style, fashion and reality networks Film Clutter is a robust collection of film leaders, notes, film frames, countdowns and much more. Film Clutter has 150 drag and drop elements that will instantly change the look and feel of your video.

6. Glitch Transitions

Looking for unique, edgy and modern transitions? These elements have been seen on music networks and documentary networks. Add a little distortion to your video with these drag and drop glitch transitions.

7. Bokeh Animated Backgrounds

Used on many documentary, do it yourself and reality networks the Bokeh volume from Rampant is a perfect base for your project. Start with one of the Bokeh BGS and add video, type or graphics for an instant modern feel.

8. GrungeFX

Perfect for Sports and Action pieces or Crime and Drama spots. These elements have been seen on primetime sports events and cable sports networks. From subtle grunge to all out grime, GrungeFX is guaranteed to add some destruction to your production. It’s easy to do, just pick the grunge clip you’re looking for and overlay it on top of your video.

9. Film Dirt and Scratches

Film Dirt and Scratches gives you a quick and slick film feel in an instant. Just drop the film clip on your timeline and you’re good to go. This product has been used in PSAs, Commercials, Music Videos, Corporate Videos and Episodic TV.

10. Bokeh Optical Backgrounds

These elements have been seen on many documentary, do it yourself and reality networks. The Bokeh Optical volume from Rampant is a perfect base for your project. Start with one of the Bokeh BGS and add video, type or graphics for an instant modern feel.


11. FilmFX

Instantly add light leaks, flashes, aberrations and light effects to your video. Perfect for music videos, corporate, web, commercials and episodic projects. Simple to use, drop the clips on your timeline and go.

12. FilmFX 2

A massive set of film flashes, light leaks and film grain all in 4K. Works great in all project from SD all the way up to 4K and back and built with speed in mind. Just grab the clips you need and drop them in your timeline, it’s simple.

13. SoundFX for Editors v1

What if you need sound effects and you need them quick? SoundFX for Editors has loopable beats, abstract pads, impacts, atmospheres, swishes and more. Great for video, film, trailers, audio sound designs, radio, animations, video games, live performances, and music projects.


14. SoundFX for Editors v2

Looking to double up on your sound effects library? Check out SoundFX for Editors v2, which offers more loopable beats, pads, impacts and guns.

15. Corporate Tracks v1

These tracks have been used in banking, grocery and insurance national spots as well as corporate videos. Corporate Tracks v1 has 18 (+2 Bonus Tracks) royalty free positive and motivational stock music tracks for video.

16. Cinematic Tracks v1

Need to add some impact to your trailer or spot? Want an epic feel for your project? Check out the 15 royalty free Cinematic Tracks from Rampant.


Looking for great music for your promo, web spot, tv seriers, commercial or PSA? Look no further than REALiTV, music designed for Editors. This music has been featured on famous reality shows and in many national commercial spots.

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