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• 225 Motion Graphics, Chamber Effects, Ink, Paint Strokes, Paint Splats, Textures and More.

• Professional Grade Effects Shot on RED Digital Cinema Cameras and Delivered as ProRes Quicktime Files. These aren’t highly compressed video files like MP4 or AVCHD. Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials are high quality files designed to give you more power, not take away from your edit.

• Created by Emmy Winning VFX Artists who work in video every single day. This is our passion. This is what we do.

• Want Tutorials? We’ve Got Em. All Designed To Help You Take Your Work to the Next Level.

• Compatible with all Editing and Compositing Apps. Yep. Just Drag, Drop and Go.

• Want More Effects? No problem. We have thousands of additional light leaks, overlays, film effects and transitions that you can buy whenever you want. Check out our Style Effects here: http://rampantdesigntools.com/style-effects/

What Is Motion Graphics Essentials?

Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials is a professionally designed and­ curated collection of paint, ink, paint strokes, textured overlays, chamber effects, textures and motion graphics. Motion Graphics Essentials is the perfect way to instantly add style to your video. All 225 of these 4K effects can be used in any project, just drag, drop and go. Do you watch television or movies? If so, you’ve already seen our effects in action. Rampant Style Effects are used every day in Network Promos, Reality Shows, Episodic TV Shows, Commercials and Feature Films. Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials is Hollywood Tested and Editor Approved. So what are you waiting for? Take your video to the next level with Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials.

How Does Motion Graphics Essentials Work?

The Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials are Quicktime movie files. Simply import the Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials into your favorite editing app and you’re good to go. Just drag and drop any Rampant Effect over your video and change the blending mode to screen, add or multiply. Working in 720 or 1080? Great. The Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials 4K files work perfectly in HD timelines. Simply scale down the effect to fit or adjust the scale, rotation and position of each effect to customize it to your scene. Want to customize your effect even more? Change the tint or hue and make the Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials work for you.

Is Motion Graphics Essentials Compatible with My Editing Software?

Yep. Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials is Quicktime based. So if your software can import ProRes files, you’re good to go. Rampant Motion Graphics Essentials is compatible with, but not limited to, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple FCPX, Avid Media Composer, Apple Motion, Nuke, HitFilm, Davinci Resolve, BlackMagic Fusion, Media 100 and many many more.

I’m Still On the Fence.. Do You Have Any Free Samples?

Most def. Sign up here and you’ll get over 100 FREE 4K files. They are free to download and use in your projects right now. http://rampantdesigntools.com/free-download-sign/

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Motion Graphics Essentials • Motion Graphics  (100):
graphics_arrows_001 graphics_arrows_002 graphics_arrows_003 graphics_arrows_004 graphics_arrows_005 graphics_arrows_006 graphics_arrows_007 graphics_arrows_008 graphics_bolts_001 graphics_bolts_002 graphics_bolts_003 graphics_boxes_001 graphics_boxes_002 graphics_boxes_003 graphics_boxes_004 graphics_boxes_005 graphics_boxes_006 graphics_bursts_001 graphics_bursts_002 graphics_bursts_003 graphics_bursts_004 graphics_bursts_005 graphics_bursts_006 graphics_circles_001 graphics_circles_002 graphics_circles_003 graphics_circles_004 graphics_circles_005 graphics_circles_006 graphics_cursors_001 graphics_cursors_002 graphics_cursors_003 graphics_cyc_bgs_001 graphics_cyc_bgs_002 graphics_cyc_bgs_003 graphics_design_elements_001 graphics_design_elements_002 graphics_design_elements_003 graphics_drawn_letter_h graphics_drawn_letter_r graphics_drawn_letter_t graphics_drawn_number_2 graphics_drawn_number_3 graphics_drawn_number_4 graphics_grids_001 graphics_grids_002 graphics_grids_003 graphics_grunge_loops_001 graphics_grunge_loops_002 graphics_grunge_loops_003 graphics_halftones_black_001 graphics_halftones_white_001 graphics_hearts_001 graphics_hearts_002 graphics_hearts_003 graphics_lines_001 graphics_lines_002 graphics_lines_003 graphics_lines_004 graphics_lines_005 graphics_lines_006 graphics_loaders_001 graphics_loaders_002 graphics_loaders_003 graphics_minus_signs_001 graphics_minus_signs_002 graphics_minus_signs_003 graphics_minus_signs_004 graphics_minus_signs_005 graphics_minus_signs_006 graphics_plus_signs_001 graphics_plus_signs_002 graphics_plus_signs_003 graphics_plus_signs_004 graphics_plus_signs_005 graphics_plus_signs_006 graphics_radials_001 graphics_radials_002 graphics_radials_003 graphics_rays_001 graphics_rays_002 graphics_rays_003 graphics_speech_bubble_001 graphics_speech_bubble_002 graphics_speech_bubble_003 graphics_transport_icons_001 graphics_transport_icons_002 graphics_transport_icons_003 graphics_triangles_001 graphics_triangles_002 graphics_triangles_003 graphics_triangles_004 graphics_triangles_005 graphics_triangles_006 graphics_vignettes_001 graphics_vignettes_002 graphics_vignettes_003 graphics_xs_001 graphics_xs_002 graphics_xs_003

Motion Graphics Essentials • Ink (15):
ink_001 ink_002 ink_003 ink_004 ink_005 ink_006 ink_007 ink_008 ink_009 ink_010 ink_011 ink_012 ink_013 ink_014 ink_015

Motion Graphics Essentials • Paint (20):
paint_001 paint_002 paint_003 paint_004 paint_005 paint_006 paint_007 paint_008 paint_009 paint_010 paint_011 paint_012 paint_013 paint_014 paint_015 paint_016 paint_017 paint_018 paint_019 paint_020

Motion Graphics Essentials • Paint Strokes (20):
paint_strokes_001 paint_strokes_002 paint_strokes_003 paint_strokes_004 paint_strokes_005 paint_strokes_006 paint_strokes_007 paint_strokes_008 paint_strokes_009 paint_strokes_010 paint_strokes_011 paint_strokes_012 paint_strokes_013 paint_strokes_014 paint_strokes_015 paint_strokes_016 paint_strokes_017 paint_strokes_018 paint_strokes_019 paint_strokes_020

Motion Graphics Essentials • Textured Overlays (20):
textured_overlays_001 textured_overlays_002 textured_overlays_003 textured_overlays_004 textured_overlays_005 textured_overlays_006 textured_overlays_007 textured_overlays_008 textured_overlays_009 textured_overlays_010 textured_overlays_011 textured_overlays_012 textured_overlays_013 textured_overlays_014 textured_overlays_015 textured_overlays_016 textured_overlays_017 textured_overlays_018 textured_overlays_019 textured_overlays_020

Motion Graphics Essentials • Chamber Effects (10):
chamber_effects_001 chamber_effects_002 chamber_effects_003 chamber_effects_004 chamber_effects_005 chamber_effects_006 chamber_effects_007 chamber_effects_008 chamber_effects_009 chamber_effects_010

Motion Graphics Essentials • Textures (40):
texture_brick_001 texture_brick_002 texture_brick_003 texture_brick_004 texture_brick_005 texture_concrete_001 texture_concrete_002 texture_concrete_003 texture_concrete_004 texture_concrete_005 texture_metal_001 texture_metal_002 texture_metal_003 texture_metal_004 texture_metal_005 texture_paper_001 texture_paper_002 texture_paper_003 texture_paper_004 texture_paper_005 texture_tea_stain_001 texture_tea_stain_002 texture_tea_stain_003 texture_tea_stain_004 texture_tea_stain_005 texture_watercolor_001 texture_watercolor_002 texture_watercolor_003 texture_watercolor_004 texture_watercolor_005 texture_wood_001 texture_wood_002 texture_wood_003 texture_wood_004 texture_wood_005 texture_wrinkled_paper_001 texture_wrinkled_paper_002 texture_wrinkled_paper_003 texture_wrinkled_paper_004 texture_wrinkled_paper_005
*Downloads do not contain alpha channels • We recommend blend modes for a natural look*


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