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“Learning Final Cut Pro X” Training Series – Lesson 4

Welcome to the “Learning Final Cut Pro X” Training Series: A totally free training series that will get you up to speed and working with Final Cut Pro X in little to no time. This series covers the basics up through advanced techniques that will help you become proficient in Final Cut Pro X and have you editing like a rock star.

Lesson 4 – Analyzing & Correcting Imported Clips

In this FCP X training, Stefanie Mullen shows how Final Cut analyzes your clips when imported, showing the “Find People” and “Color Balancing” option.

• What happens when I select the “Find People” option?
• What does “Consolidate find people results” mean?
• What happens when I select the “Analyze for Balance Color” option?
• What is a Smart Collection?
• What does a purple line across my clips represent?
• What is transcoding? And what is a Proxy?


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