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Six Tools That Every Video Editor Should Have In Their Arsenal

Easy To Use, Hassle Free Pre-Rendered Effects for Editors. Just Drag, Drop and Go. Video Editors: We’ve compiled a list of six inexpensive and easy to use quicktime based pre-rendered effects libraries that will save you time and make you money. These tools were created to help you instantly stylize your work and ultimately make[…]

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Creative Effects with Animated Mattes in Final Cut Pro X

Rampant Apple Trainer Stefanie Mullen shows us how to add multiple videos to one animated matte in Apple Final Cut Pro X. ► Download a free sample of the Rampant 4K Studio Mattes here: ►Download the complete Rampant Studio Mattes library here: ►Sign up for the Rampant Newsletter: ►Follow Rampant on Twitter[…]