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High Fall Wire and Rig Removal

Every once in a while a project lands in your lap and you’re so stoked that you want to tell everyone around you… But you can’t. It’s not out yet. So you wait. And wait… NOW I can finally talk about a project that was a ton of fun and that really challenged me creatively. …

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Episode 02 of ‘Running Rampant’ – Film Riot, Funding and the Flu. Sean and Stefanie Mullen talk about working on a Film Riot sketch, how to self fund and dealing with the flu while running the business. ►See more behind the scenes of Rampant Design here: runningrampant.biz/ ►Film Riot Force Push Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=7GGZNvcvMzY ►Sean’s interview …

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Sean Mullen @SMVFX from @RampantDesign created visual effects for a Film Riot Episode.

Wow, this was such a fantastic experience. I’m at a loss for words. This was an opportunity of a lifetime, seriously. I got to work on one of my favorite shows for some of my favorite people. That doesn’t happen often. Working with Ryan was a ton of fun. He’s a phenomenal Director and I …

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Mind blown. It's humbling and a MASSIVE honor to get a nod from @ryan_connolly and @FilmRiot Thanks Film Riot!

“My favorite place to find assets for visual effects would be Video CoPilot and Rampant Design..” – Ryan Connolly We couldn’t be more stoked to get a mention from Ryan Connolly and Film Riot! What??? Mind.Go.Boom. This is unreal! Ryan Connolly mentioned Rampant Design as a resource to find assets for visual effects in this …

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