Deb Eschweiler – Video Projection Mapping

Deb Eschweiler - Speaking of Rampant Design: I was recently asked to design a project for video projection mapping. The finished video was going to be projected onto the front of 6 grain silos, wrapping around a corner, with 3 silos per side. There was little time between the decision to move forward and the deadline. The video was part of a live event that was happening in less than two weeks. Shooting did not complete for several more days. I was able to cut down my design time by using Rampant Design Tools Studio Mattes, FlashFX, & the new 4K Studio Flares to add a bit of panache to some very well-shot, but somewhat mundane quad- & octo-copter footage of local landmarks.

No Brainer Tools For Video Pros and Enthusiasts

I’ve been discussing Rampant Design Tools an awful lot lately, and with good reason. They create tools that allow small production companies like mine to not only make stuff look good – we have been able to ramp up our production of high quality videos by a massive factor, increasing our profits dramatically and making our clients happier. I usually talk about how fun and easy they are to use, but today, I’ll talk about them from a business perspective.