Six Tools that should be in every editors arsenal

Six Tools That Every Video Editor Should Have In Their Arsenal

Easy To Use, Hassle Free Pre-Rendered Effects for Editors. Just Drag, Drop and Go.

Video Editors: We’ve compiled a list of six inexpensive and easy to use quicktime based pre-rendered effects libraries that will save you time and make you money. These tools were created to help you instantly stylize your work and ultimately make you more profitable.

Each of these tools has a free sample so you can grab them today and test them in your favorite NLE for yourself. Want to see these products in use? Make sure to check out the tutorials on each page as well.

Working With Rampant FilmFX Inside Media Composer 6 and Symphony 6 – Rampant Design Tools

In this tutorial, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you how easy it is to get up and running with FilmFX inside of Media Composer and Symphony. He goes through how quick it is to composite using the included AvidFX, as well as showing how editors using versions of MC or Symphony prior to version 6 can also get in and create great looking composites without having matte keys built into the elements.