Use Glitch and Distortion Effects to Stylize Your Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro

Rampant Design CEO and Lead Creative Sean Mullen Shows Us How to Use Distortion Effects to Add Dynamic Effects to Your Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. ►Download the Rampant Distortion Toolkit Here: ►Sign up for the Rampant Newsletter: ►Download the FREE 4K Test Drive of the Rampant Distortion Toolkit Here: ►Follow Rampant on Twitter - @RampantDesign ►Like Rampant on Facebook: ►For free tutorials and product giveaways, check out the Rampant Blog: ►For Easy to Use Visual Effects for Your Video, Check Out the Rampant Website:

Stefanie Mullen: Running a Creative Business – DP Buzz Interview

Stefanie Mullen is an artist with a business mind. She runs the business side of Rampant Design Tools, yet is an artist in her own right with an extensive portfolio of oil paintings. The DP Buzz talks with her about the challenges of artistic entrepreneurship. Check out Stefanie's interview here:

Deb Eschweiler – Video Projection Mapping

Deb Eschweiler - Speaking of Rampant Design: I was recently asked to design a project for video projection mapping. The finished video was going to be projected onto the front of 6 grain silos, wrapping around a corner, with 3 silos per side. There was little time between the decision to move forward and the deadline. The video was part of a live event that was happening in less than two weeks. Shooting did not complete for several more days. I was able to cut down my design time by using Rampant Design Tools Studio Mattes, FlashFX, & the new 4K Studio Flares to add a bit of panache to some very well-shot, but somewhat mundane quad- & octo-copter footage of local landmarks.

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