Rampant Design Studio Embers

Rampant Studio Embers

Remember taking the fireplace poker and attacking the burning logs like a fencer with a drug problem? Remember those embers that flew up the chimney from that wood? Remember the one that landed on your foot? We do too. Fire isn’t all that hot without it’s buddies. Smoke, dust and embers. Maybe embers most of all.

Rampant GrungeLight

Rampant GrungeLight - Grunge Effects for Editors

What made the ‘90s come alive? Grunge. Grunge music, grungy plaid shirts, and a gritty attitude in general. These days the attitude is back, but the look and feel of grittier days needs revisiting. Well, get ready to get grungy.

Designer Film Flashes

Rampant Designer Film Flashes

A “flash in the pan” is something that comes and goes without leaving much of a lasting impression. Get ready to redefine the flash.

Rampant BeautyLight

Rampant BeautyLight Light Effects

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Well, producers have a few more “beholders” than most. It’s time to amp up the beauty factor.


Designer Film Clutter

Rampant Designer Film Clutter

Remember when mom told you to clean up your room? Well, mom may have failed to see the beauty in that clutter.

  film-effect-small3Beneath those socks and underwear, behind the skateboards and Samantha Fox posters, lies the bedroom. Plain, functional, purpose-oriented. Just like a video. Well-shot. Good audio. Nice lighting. No pizazz. No personality to help the content connect with the audience.

Rampant Film Grunge

Rampant Film Grunge

They say “if it’s too loud, you’re too old.” Well, get ready for a soundcheck.

  film-effect-small3Music videos, action videos, sports videos...hard hitting videos need elements to draw their audience in and make a connection. To make an audience feel the guitar strings underneath their fingers, drag their fingers through the powerful wave they’re surfing, or feel the frozen puck slam into the back of the net.

Studio Paint

Rampant Studio Paint

Organic rules. There’s no two ways about it. Take a movie stunt, for instance. A human jumps from one building to another, or drives a car off a dock into the ocean. Pretty exciting, right? Right. Take the same stunts, but replace the stunt person or vehicle with a CGI version. Less exciting. Wah, wah...


Studio Film Effects

Rampant Studio Film Effects

For years, purists have said the same things: “Vinyl sounds better.”, “Analog is better than digital”, and, of course, “Film looks better.”

  film-effect-small3 Well, we believe that those arguments are for pretty valid reasons. There is a tangible connection between people and their media. Vinyl records have scratches, dirt, and a needle makes a physical connection with an album for playback. It’s like putting pick to string or stick to drum. The same can be said for cassettes and film. The same way the camera needs to make a physical connection to the film, people who view the film make a connection to the look and feel of the content.

Rampant Helps Make the #1 College Football Team in the Nation Look Great at Home

"We were asked to produce the stadium introduction for the Miss. State Football team for the 2014 season. The creative called for a dramatic cut between players practicing, arriving at stadium pre-game and big plays from previous games. The finishing touch to tie it all togther was Rampant. Sean's light leaks, flares, smoke and other elements provided the perfect atmosphere to help marry 3 distinct different types of footage. They are high quality effects that add a subtle touch and a particular feel to the finished product. Rampant makes us better. They are an indispensable part of our tool kit." Robbie Coblentz Executive Producer, Broadcast Media Group, Inc. Managing Partner Tellos Creative web: http://www.broadcastmediagroup.com twitter: @RCoblentz facebook: facebook.com/BroadcastMediaGroup

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