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Welcome to Rampant Design! Home of Professional Quality, Easy to Use Drag and Drop Quicktime-based Effects for Editors, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Artists. Rampant Design is the home of the highest resolution practical visual effects in the universe. 2K, 4k and 5K high quality quicktime based visual effects for film and broadcast professionals. Rampant is Visual Effects for Editors and Artists.

Looking for high quality, HD & 2K practical visual effects for Independent Filmmakers? Check out Indie Essentials from That Studio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rampant Design tools are practical visual effects for your film & video.

Rampant elements are QuickTime based files for drag, drop & go ease ability.

Red Epic & Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Rampant products are shot on the highest resolution camera’s available today!

4K and 5K products give HD Editors/Compositors the latitude and freedom to resize, move, and alter without losing any quality.

Check out Rampant’s Next Gen For Editors v1. This AWESOME sample pack contains 10 clips from each 4K library. Go ahead and try it out. You will not be disappointed!

Still not ready for higher resolution? Check out the Indie Essentials for all your HD needs!
If you have questions about how to use Rampant’s content in specific software (i.e. after effects, avid, final cut pro, premiere, etc), please post your comment on our community page here:
Linkedin Community
Our community is full of professional, working artists who are always ready to help other artists understand how to use Rampant products in their next project.

If you are looking for a product tutorial, check out Rampant’s YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/RampantMedia
You can search by product, your editing program of choice, or your favorite trainer.
No installation is required for Rampant products.

Rampant products are QuickTime based products so you simply import your effects just like video footage.


Our 2K and 4K libraries are offered as a download and also on a USB 3.0 Hard Drive. Our 5K library, due to the larger file size, is currently only available on a Hard Drive.

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